Saturday, January 28, 2017

The importance of good move-in inspection documentation

By far the largest source of resident/landlord disputes is the disposition of the resident’s security deposit.  Using proper move-in and move-out documentation procedures is the best tool to protect you and your residents from these kinds of disputes.  

With clear documentation on condition at possession and at move-out, and provisions in the lease that specify expectations and responsibility, you will have an objective baseline for the entire residency.  It can also demonstrate to the residents satisfaction that at move-in, the property is in good condition and any general wear and tear exceptions are noted and agreed.

Even more, with mobile and cloud tools readily available today, landlords can perform detailed inspections with room-by-room condition, photos and notations that can be signed onsite with the tenant in just minutes, with a documented report file that’s saved with the lease information.  These save time and add much detail to the inspection report.

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