Saturday, July 28, 2018

Seattle scores # 2 in Tech Talent demographics

It’s no secret these days that Seattle is filling with tech workers and the companies that are headquartered or opening hubs here.  But a recent Geekwire article digs into the details of the CBRE annual Scoring Tech Talent report, which ranks the top 50 markets based on 13 metrics like number of tech employees, population trends, wages, education levels, housing and business costs. 

Seattle led the way in terms of the highest percentage of people with a college degree — 63 percent — as well as the greatest population growth of 20 somethings since 2011 at close to 23 percent.  According to the report,  Seattle is the second strongest tech market in the U.S. and Canada, thanks to its growing population of young, brainy geeks, according to a new study.  The city trailed only San Francisco in the overall rankings and finished ahead of Washington, D.C., Toronto and New York to round out the top five.

The numbers show that a lot of this influx is coming from elsewhere as the number of new jobs outpace graduates from the region’s universities; Seattle is fourth among markets in terms of “brain gain,” meaning tech workers are arriving than the city loses each year.

Both homegrown companies like Amazon and Microsoft and big out-of-town companies like Facebook and Google are driving the trend. The report also gives a window into how much the more than 100 companies that have set up satellite offices in Seattle are paying. While Seattle struggles with high housing and business costs, it is actually a cheaper place to live and do business than some of its peer cities at the top tier of the market.

See the full Geekwire piece here.

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