Wednesday, December 19, 2018

2019 Changes to RRIO (Seattle Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance) Fees

The Seattle City Council approved changes to RRIO fees that take effect on January 1, 2019. 

Change from 5 year renewal cycle to 2 year renewal cycle
Nothing will change for existing registrations. When existing registrations are renewed after five years, they will be converted to the two-year cycle.

The new two-year registration/renewal fee is $70 for a single-family/single-unit rental and $15 for each additional unit (was $175 1st unit + $2/additional units every 5 years). 

5 year cycle cost changes will be:
                  Current (through 2018) fees

                   Single family prop  |  Duplex   |   8 plex
        Year 1          $175                  $177          $182
        Year 3            ---                       ---              ---
        Year 5            ---                       ---              ---
       TOTAL          $175                  $177          $182

                   Beginning 2019                        

                   Single family prop  |  Duplex   |   8 plex
         Year 1        $70                      $85            $175
         Year 3        $70                      $85            $175
         Year 5        $70                      $85            $175
         TOTAL       $210                    $255         $525

Two new fees have also been added:
  • A $30 late fee for inspections that are not completed by the inspection due date. This is to cover the additional administrative costs from late inspections. 
  • A $40 fee for processing inspection results submitted by private qualified rental housing inspectors. This fee is in addition to whatever fee the private inspector charges.
Finally, to keep up with increased labor and administrative costs, two other fees have changed:
  • Late registration fees have increased from $20 to $30. 
  • The fee for hiring a City inspector has increased from $160 to $175 for a single-family/single-unit property. Each additional unit that must be inspected will cost $35. We generally require 20 percent of units on a multifamily property to be inspected.
See the table below for a summary of the 2019 RRIO fees passed by Seattle City Council.
Approved by Seattle City Council – Effective 1/1/2019
Registration / Renewal
every 2 years
Additional Units
Late Registration/ Renewal
if late
City inspection
once every 5-10 years
Additional Units
Private Inspection Submittal Fee (new fee)
Late Inspection (new fee)
if inspection is late

RD House is very familiar and experienced with this program, and can handle client registrations and inspections on your behalf.

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